Why Vinyl Fencing Is Becoming A popular Option

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Alongside other tough decisions homeowners must make, choosing the ideal fencing option composed of a durable material for a property is important.

For many years, most privacy fencing had been composed of wood or a wood composite. Initially beautiful and cost effective, wood fencing will fade, mold, and all-around lose its luster even with extensive care given. With the aging of a wood fence also brings insects that could potentially harm you, your family, and your home.

Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming the most desired fencing material option that homeowners have come to love. With its advantages and benefits over wood fencing, homeowners are making the switch over from wood to vinyl fencing. Many homeowner’s associations are beginning to prefer vinyl fencing over wood, because it’s long lasting ensuring functionality and beauty. Vinyl fencing also offers the flexibility to customize the picture perfect fencing solution for your home and family. These components are reliable and will add overall character to your home and yard.
Benefits of Vinyl
Low maintenance
Will not peel or split
Weather resistant
Easy to clean
Will not splinter/Safe for children
100% recyclable


Hiring a professional fence installation company can be beneficial in numerous aspects. You’re sure to receive the highest quality and value added to your home once it is complete. Don’t settle for second best! When considering your fencing options, trust our experts at D&D Vinyl Fence to provide sufficient customer service, design, and installation of fencing to meet your needs.

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