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You may love the property that your home sits on, but you may also have to unwillingly cope with the noise of heavy traffic due to your proximity to busy roads. While in our home, we crave peace and quiet in order to relax, and our privacy requirements often include the relief from external sounds.

Factors To Consider To Accomplish The Silence You Desire:
If you’ve had enough of the noise, D&D Fence Vinyl Fabricators is there to your rescue. Our experts at D&D Fence will assist you in choosing the best fencing option to block out the undesired noise near you for an affordable price. In addition, our professionals will design superb, functional fencing compliant with your style preferences and install in a timely manner.

Type of Boards – A fence intended to serve as a noise barrier will typically use thick tongue-and-groove boards.

Mass – Mass dampens sound best. Boards nailed to heavy rails supported by heavy posts will better block out that road noise.

Height – Height is a key element in blocking road sounds. If a fence is tall, sound waves are unable to travel over the fence leaving your home noise free. It is also wise to make sure the fencing reaches the ground.

Solidness – Build a fence as solid as the local regulations will allow. It is important to aim for a fence that is solid with no gaps in between the boards when attempting to silence sound.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl – This soundproofing material can be added to fencing in the process of being built to improve its effectiveness of blocking out sound.

Privacy Fence-D&D fence

Trust D&D Fence Vinyl Fabricators to get the unwanted noise out of range and out of mind. Contact us today at or (936) 271-4333 to receive a complimentary quote.

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