Choosing a fence for the yard can be a big step–and a tough one at that. It’s important to consider all options. Building a fence gives the home a unique style of its own, giving the home a complete finished looked. When you are glancing at the options for fences, remember there are numerous materials available to build a fence with. Of course, this is when you decide the style of fence your imagining such as: metal, chain link, and or wood composite. A company such as D&D Fence specializes in a variety of different materials. Giving a variety of options to build a fence that fits your personal necessities and lifestyle. However, vinyl and classic wood still remain two of the most popular options for fences. However, there are a few key differences to consider when deciding between wood or vinyl fencing.

Vinyl vs wood-D&D fence

Five times stronger than wood
Offers more strength, versatility, and affordability
No extra maintenance required
Non- toxic to you and the enviroment
More expensive than wood
Can be damaged by high temperatures


Less expensive than other types of fences

Susceptible to insect, rot, and water damage

A traditional look with a classic style
Typically high level of maintenance is required

Environmentally safe using natural wood

Could be built from any design or form you choose

Vinyl and wood fencing options are both reliable forms of fences. Additionally, both will add character to the yard and home. Imagining that the built fence gives you a sense of security and privacy, along with adding value to the home. When considering the options between vinyl and wood fencing you would not be disappointed with either one being beneficial to you. Be sure to hire an expert such as D&D fence that can help you make the decision to install the perfect fence properly for your beautiful home.

If your family is considering adding value, unique style, safety, and privacy to the home choosing vinyl or wood fencing would be the best option. Ensuring the fence is properly built, fitting to the yard, valued at a fair price, with a great look call D&D Fence for a complimentary quote today at (936) 271-4333.

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