Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

pool fence-good fences make good neighbors

A fence is a barrier or considered an upright structure built to enclose an area of land to place a boundary line, prevent escape, an control access. Fences can add protection as well, from animals or even other individuals. More importantly “good fences make good neighbors”. It’s not always a fence that can be an issue, its the person living on the opposite side. A fence typically is built on a property line to enhance the yard’s boundaries. Unfortunately, the building of fence can make some neighbors bitter, it's important to keep good and happy neighbors.

Building A Fence for a Happy Home and Neighbor:

  1. Laws - Legalism can come into play when building a fence on a property or in a neighborhood. A neighbor or yourself might get upset thinking it is “illegal” to block the view. It is imperative to know the regulations that follow with building a fence. Some cities have ordinances that prevent views being blocked and some do not. Ensuring that you or the neighbor builds the right fence for the right type of property can prevent disputes.
  2. Neighbor Etiquette - There is not specific reason to have a discussion with a neighbor about building a fence on a property. However, it’s common courtesy to ask, because this will be dividing the two properties. Living in peace with neighbors has its benefits. If a neighbor or yourself discusses concerns about building a fence communicate with them and try to understand from their perspective before beginning a project.
  3. Maintenance - The upkeep of a fence is important, not only for you but for your neighbor as well. A well maintained fence adds value to a home or your neighbors home if either of you decide to sell. Keeping it looking nice will keep you and the neighbor happy, so it doesn’t become a disturbance.
  4. Adds Privacy - Of course, everyone seems to have a nosey side to them. Therefore, adding a fence to the yard gives a certain amount of privacy. This prevents neighbors or strangers from peeking around. A neighbor has the right to his/her private life just as well as you do. If either of you desire to entertain others, sunbathe, or water the plants in your underwear, in any case a solid-board type of fence could beneficial.
  5. Keeps Noise Down - Under certain circumstances the concealment of noise can be significant. A privacy type fence such as foam filled aluminum can decrease the sound of loud noises in an area. If you or your neighbor likes to throw parties, or living on a noisy street causes stress, having this type of fence can be a positive thing.
Moreover, personal and working relationships are important. One never knows when an instance comes up that you need someone’s help. Ensuring there is peace and some amount of acquaintanceship between yourself and a neighbor is significant. A fence is enough to place understandable boundaries between property lines and individual lives. Determining which fence type, size, color, and or more contact the best in the business D&D Fence at (936) 271-4333 for a quote today to get your new fence installed.
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