Care and Maintenance of Wood and Vinyl Fences

Fence maintenance can be frustrating, especially if you’re unsure of the proper cleaning technique of fences. Keeping a wood or vinyl fence well-maintained can increase the value, enhance the quality, and increase life expectancy of the fence. It’s important to understand how to take proper care of your properties assets.

All fence types differ in ways to clean, care, stain, and/or seal. Take these tips into consideration when you're ready for fence maintenance.

Wood Care
Damage Repair - It is important to repair any damage wood panels my sustain. Panels can be damaged in numerous ways: weather, rotting, splitting, etc. Maintenance is easiest when you replace a panel as soon as one is damaged, as opposed to taking on a large project due to extended neglect.
Staining and Sealing - If there will be no painting of your wood panels, it’s essential that you stain or have them sealed. Staining the wood panels gives the wood a hint of color, providing it with a natural wood finished look. The sealing of the wood helps with the variation of climate and weather conditions. How many times you need to re-seal your wood fence is dependent upon the area you live in an how often it tends to rain. You should always seal before you stain a fence too.
Cleaning - Individuals who maintain fences tend to use a mixture of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. Or, purchasing a pre-made cleaning solution from the hardware store is also effective. You want to spray the wood cleaning solution on the fence (the more it soaks into the wood, the lighter it gets). This is when you then want to wash the wood off with the water hose, removing all of the dirt.
Termite Prevention - Termites are annoying, destructive pests that tend to love wood. Considering termite prevention could potentially save your fence. Termites survive in moist soil, therefore it is recommended to keep as much of your fence above the soil, and not under it, to help prevent termite infestation. If you do happen to get termites, you can get rid of them by using a natural insecticide or borax.

Vinyl Care
Cleaning - Vinyl fences are fairly easy to keep well cleaned. Usually, cleaning a vinyl fence a water hose will do the job removing all of the dust, grass, and dirt particles. If there are tougher stains the water does not remove, you can use a cleaning solution–or dish soap–and water.
Avoid Activities and Objects - Avoid activities such as kids running into or hitting the fence on multiple occasions, or leaning and climbing on the fence, to maintain its structure and beauty. In addition, prevent objects from resting along the vinyl fence, such as: wood material, yard tools, and playgrounds. Avoiding these things will help keep the vinyl material in mint condition.
Power Washing - Power washing a vinyl fence can be beneficial but also can damage a fence too. A low-pressure, wide, cone-shaped spray is good for your fence when it’s time to clean it. Note that using a high pressure can risk chipping or cracking the vinyl resulting in a whole new fence.
Structural Repairs - The key to maintaining the structure of your fence is to inspect it yearly. This enables you to see how a fence is holding up. Check for tight connections between post and fence panels. Over time, connectors can become loose or break; it is important to make sure these are replaced and tightened so the fence will continue to say upright.

Fence maintenance can be a tough job for an individual. However, a new wood or vinyl fence sure enhances the yard’s look. When you are ready to install a new fence be sure to call the professionals at D&D Fence at 936-271-4333 so you can ensure your fence will be well maintained and taken care of from the start.
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